Screw-machining, machining and finishing

SDM specializes in precision screw-machining and machining. It has two production sites in the heart of the Arve valley in Marignier and Vougy. Equipped with new CNN machines, the company carries out screw-machining and machining of mechanical parts from 2 to 50 mm in diameter. Our technology and our experience also allow us to make larger parts up to 300 mm in diameter. The company is equipped to manufacture long parts. SDM machines any type of metals, alloys and plastic. SDM has been specializing in machining and screw-machining since 1989. It also carries out ore specific operations : prototyping, assembly, milling, engraving, mounting and finishing such as heat treatments, surface treatments, cutting, painting, zinc plating, anodization, ...

An inherited precision know-how

As a family business, SDM employs about twenty people. It relies on the skills of its staff and on its world-renowned precision machines : STAR, Citizen, Mazak,... From the raw material to the end product, SDM partners its customers and is keen to build a long-term relationship with them :

  • receipt of the specifications
  • technical feasibility study
  • sending a quotation
  • optimizing or co-designing the drawings of the parts, providing advice on product development
  • prototyping
  • screw-machining and machining from short to long production runs
  • heat treatments, surface treatments, various types of secondary-operation machining, ...
  • dispatch to France and overseas shipping

Your screw-machining and machining company in Haute-Savoie

Our services are valued by the main manufacturers, leading in their market : farm machinery, household appliance industry, ship's propulsion , hydraulics, decoration, building industry, ...

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner to screw-machine and machine your mechanical parts?

SDM welcomes you on its two production sites in Marignier and Vougy.

Please contact us for any request for quotation.

Branches of industry

Ship’s propulsion
Farm machinery
Household appliance industry
Building industry

Did you know?

SDM was awarded the prize for the best supplier of the year 2014 from one of its customers.


ISO 9001 : 2008